Support Our Efforts!

The Newfield Old Home Days committee would like to take this opportunity to provide details about what goes into the event. The Old Home Days celebration started in the 1920’s and is Newfield’s largest event of the year. It brings the community together for two days to enjoy great food, entertainment, and festivities. Not only does it help build a sense of community, many Newfield groups benefit from the event. The majority of the vendors at the event are non-profit organizations, including classes earning money for trips and other class projects. Local music groups also benefit from the exposure they get by performing for the crowd. We estimate that 1500-2000 people attend the event and we strive to increase that every year.

crowd at Newfield OHD paradeThe Old Home Days historical booklet is one of our best methods of advertising. Each year it features a different aspect of Newfield’s history and is considered a collectible item for many community members. The booklet is free, but we collect revenue by selling ads to local businesses and greatly appreciate their generosity. You may also hear about the event through our radio and newspaper ads, articles, online community bulletin boards, flyers, the school bulletin, or outdoor signs in Newfield. Another way we advertise is through our website. It includes a survey which is a great way for you to provide feedback to us. We encourage you to tell us what you like or dislike about the event so we can continue to improve it.

Another great way to provide feedback is to join us! The Old Home Days committee consists of about 10-15 community members. The committee meets monthly for most of the year and more frequently as we gear up to the event. We operate on a break-even budget. Our main revenue comes from our booklet ads, grants, carnival ticket sales, vendor fees, donations, and various fund raisers. Our expenses include advertising, entertainment, fireworks, booklet printing, and parade prize money. A lot of work goes into planning Old Home Days and many different types of skills are needed so let us know if you can help in any way.

Newfield Old Home Days is very important to the town of Newfield. No other event brings as many community members together as Old Home Days. We hope you enjoy it!

Old Home Days continues to be held each year in Newfield thanks to the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers and financial support from the community. If you would like to help, there are many ways to do so:

  • Make a financial contribution to “Newfield Old Home Days” at Tioga State Bank
  • Join the committee, attend planning meetings
  • Purchase advertising space in our booklet or website for your business
  • Help us sell advertising to local businesses
  • Attend Old Home Days and invite all your friends to attend!

Why do we fundraise? What do we need money for?

  • Bands – While a few bands might volunteer their time, most need to be paid to entertain you.
  • Advertising – Getting the word out via radio, newspaper, signage and website costs money.
  • Booklets – You like them and they are free to you – but they cost us more than what the advertising covers.
  • Fireworks – Each year the fireworks get more expensive. Our cost is over $1500 and the donation barrels usually collect less than $100.

We also have a Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.  For the last several years individuals have had to take on more responsibility due to a lack of members.  We need help!  A lot of work goes into planning Old Home Days and many different types of skills are needed.  Joining the committee does not mean you have to go to meetings.  We have members that do not attend meetings but they still play a big part in making Old Home Days a success.  We also have members that only come to meetings and provide input and advice.  Others help during the event by working in the booth, selling carnival wristbands, etc.  Please think about joining us!